St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 9NP
Tel: 01634 371892
Headteacher: Mrs Louise Prestidge

Class Teacher: Mrs Bowden 

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House Keeping Letter for Terms 1 and 2   
 House Keeping Letter for Terms 3 and 4  
House Keeping Letter for Terms 5 and 6   

We tested centripetal force using a bucket of water.  We went outside and moved the bucket in a circular motion at speed to see if the water would stay in the bucket.  It did! This force happens on the loop of a roller coaster.



We made a graph of our heights.  We measured our height, hand span and foot length.  We found the average height (138cm), the total hand span and the total foot length.  We converted this length to m.

Our Eco warriors this year are:

Henry and Amelia


Our School Council Representatives this year are:


Lola and Abigail